Motivation Monday: Experiment and Move Forward

After a stormy Sunday here in the Bay Area, the skies are clear and the sun is shining! It’s the perfect morning to have on this cheerful Monday. For the first time in a while (especially on a Monday), I woke up excited to jump in front of my computer and get to work. Yes, it could be the extra hour of sleep (don’t you just love when we all Fall forward?!), but it could also be that my months and months of experimentation are starting to pay off. I put a lot of weekend work into a new blog that I am creating. It’s a project that says more about me than most projects I have taken on, and I’m excited that I’m feeling confident enough at this point to share it. I’m also having a blast writing for other blogs like Dog-Milk and I hope to continue on with my freelance writing career. I love it! It’s so wonderful to have a creative outlet outside of the work I do with LAMA. So on this happy and sunny morning, I have two motivating messages I would like to share based on my own experience…

Experiment and move forward. Sometimes you discover really amazing things about yourself. Happy Monday!

Fiestas: International Weddings

Recently I have had a lot of fun fantasizing about my ideal wedding. While I’m pretty sure I’m going to be keeping my big day local, part of me still fantasizes about what it would be like to take my wedding abroad. I visited a location in Ecuador once where I’ve often dreamed by big day would happen. It is a jungle resort located in the rainforest. In the summer, it’s surrounded by enormous wild orchids and you can watch the monkeys swinging through the trees above you. I have to admit, I’m still considering it. Taking your wedding overseas is a major venture, so I’m always incredibly impressed and blown away by the folks that decide to make the trek. Last night I came across this mind blowing wedding that took place in Morocco. World travelers Libby and Weldon wanted to take their wedding “somewhere remotely fabulous.” I would say they certainly accomplished that mission.

These incredible photos were shot by Our Labor of Love. Incidentally, I am seriously considering having them shoot my wedding. I love that their photos take on a very dreamy Sophia Coppola-esque quality. It’s exactly what I’m looking for!

Kate Spade Ventures into South America

Last month, Kate Spade opened it’s first ever store in South America. With it’s “flourishing fashion scene and colorful culture,” Sao Paulo was the natural choice to open the Brazilian flagship shop. I am always impressed by Kate Spade’s retail design, but I have to say, this new store in Brazil takes the cake! Or in Kate Spade world, the pink frosted cupcake with rainbow colored sprinkles and a pinwheel on top.

To announce their big arrival, Kate Spade stocked 10,000 pinwheels into pushcarts all over the city, handing them out to everyone that passed by and planting a few in unexpected places. Inside,  keeping with their typically fresh and creative retail design, the Sao Paulo store will feature “a minibar where guests can perch atop pink barstools and enjoy a caipirinha or toast the town with a glass of champagne.”

With more stores planned in the future, Kate Spade is happy to report that “things are just heating up for South America.” Personally, I think everything down South has been muy caliente for a while! Be sure and visit Kate Spade for more incredible photos from this event.

Friday I’m In Llama: Simple is Beautiful

Lately I’ve been working on simplifying my personal life. Last week, I dumped out my closet and took five bags of clothes to the Goodwill, I cleaned out my office and threw out a large garbage bag full of unnecessary clutter, and I’ve attempted to spend more evenings away from the thirty-plus windows of information I have open on my computer to sit on the couch, listen to music, and read. Amazingly, I’ve been feeling a lot more calm and centered. Funny how that works. I’m not sure if it’s just a function of getting older (I’m just over a month away from turning 30!), but I’m starting to develop a true appreciation for the phrase “less is more.” That brings me to today’s Friday I’m In Llama. I completely adore this charming and uncomplicated llama illustration. It looks like one effortless scribble of a pen that magically turned into something amazing. To me it embodies a very important message that has been seeping into my life… simple is beautiful.

A big thank you to my blogging buddy Bekka Palmer who has a real knack for finding the best llamas out there (and sending them over to me). Happy Friday everyone! Have a simply beautiful weekend!