About Us

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Once upon a time, a young interior designer and her delightful doggy companion moved north from their L.A. digs to Oakland, CA. Working day after day at her desk in San Francisco, the girl came to a very important realization. “I’m supposed to be doing something else with my life,” she thought. So, out the door she went. Influenced by her love for design and passion for travel, the girl decided she would search the world for beautiful objects that were dreamt up and created by others who shared her fanaticism for the fabulous. But where would she search?

Something deep inside told her to open her eyes towards all things Latin. Perhaps it was her mother’s tales of the life she lived in Ecuador or her father’s Spanish ancestry that steered her in this particular direction. Whatever it was, she headed south without the foggiest clue of what she would find.

Over a year has passed and the most amazing adventures have been had and just what did the girl discover? That Latin America is more than salsa and fiestas, coffee beans and bananas, sombreros and panama hats. Its ancient artisans have evolved into imaginative designers and its unknown cities are becoming exciting metropolises with contemporary cafes and chic boutiques. Ecstatic over all her finds, the girl realized her mission: to bring much deserved attention and recognition to the independent designers she admires and to help them reach an audience some may have not been able to access on their own. Carefully choosing some of her favorite pieces from abroad, in addition to the work from Latino artists living in the US and others who find inspiration for their work from this colorful culture, the girl and her dog were finally ready to open the shop they dreamed of and show those who haven’t seen it for their own eyes‚ Latin America in the Modern Age.